Although now some-what out dated after the advent of digital desks we still have outboard available should it be required.

Yamaha Q2031B  
The Q2031B offers 31 equalization bands at 1/3 octave intervals from 20Hz to 20kHz. Yamaha graphic equalizers incorporate active filters to provide minimum phase shift and smooth response at any boost or cut setting.  
      Day £10
Quantity in hire stock 2   Weekend £20
      Week £30
      Month £114
TC Electronics M-One XL  
XL Reverbs feature new and improved spatial perspectives, across the entire range of Reverb algorithms. The extended range of the "reverb size" enables extremely wide or narrow spatial imaging, independently of the decay time. By applying "Reverb size" to both Early Reflections and the Diffused field, the M-One XL achieves any combination from wide spaces with short decay times, to narrow rooms with long decays.  
      Day £15
Quantity in hire stock 1   Weekend £30
      Week £45
      Month £171