Avolites Tiger Touch II  
The Avolites Tiger Touch II represents the perfect combination of power and portability. This third-generation console is packed with enough power for complex shows, yet small and light enough to fly in standard hold luggage.  
      Day £120
      Weekend £240
Quantity in hire stock 1   Week £360
      Month £1368
Avolites Arena  
The Avolites Arena is the ideal desk for festivals, theatres and anywhere that a larger control surface is required. It combines the popular interface of the Tiger Touch II with more live control than ever before. Alongside the vibrant main display, a second touch screen provides an additional workspace window, also labelling the adjacent macro buttons and rotary pots. These fully assignable playback encoder pots, allow intuitive control of channels and effects. The six LCD screens display electronic legends for 30 faders, for speedy access to all your playbacks, fixtures and palettes. A brand new optical output means the Arena is equipped for fibre connections, with no signal loss over long distances, from front of house to the stage - essential in large and outdoor venues.  
      Day £150
      Weekend £300
Quantity in hire stock 1   Week £450
      Month £1710
ETC ION 2048  
The ease, power and operational style of larger Eos - family products in a small, affordable package. Providing fully integrated control of media servers and conventional, LED, and moving lights, Ion packs a punch.Highly intuitive and simple to use, Ion will satisfy the needs of beginners and pros alike.  
      Day £120
      Weekend £240
Quantity in hire stock 1   Week £360
      Month £1368
Avolites 2 x 4 DMX Isolated Buffer  
Avolites DMX splitters will buffer, multiply, isolate and protect console DMX outputs. The device operates from any AC mains voltage ( 85 to 265v ). Standard units have DMX in, DMX loop out, Terminate On switch and LED, plus additional Power and Data LED's. There are two off, 1 in to loop out and 4 isolated DMX outputs.  
      Day £15
      Weekend £30
Quantity in hire stock 2   Week £45
      Month £171
BT Artnet Node  
The perfect all-in-one ArtNet NODE solution with 8 highly configurable DMX ports. The 8 DMX ports can all be configured as in or outputs, configured as input: normal or backup mode or as output: single, LTP, HTP, RDM or zero mode. Multiple pre-defined routing options (modes) available - 4 DMX inputs with 4 local clone outputs DMX and ArtNet output, 8 DMX outputs from ArtNet input, with "Backup line" possibilities. Different merger combinations in both directions. Combine DMX in + ArNet universe to Artnet or a physical DMX output (LTP or HTP). Combine 2 DMX inputs to ArtNet (LTP or HTP). Multiple mode DMX splitter modes. One 1 to 7 splitter: 1 DMX input to 7 isolated DMX outputs Two individual 1 to 3 splitters: each with 1 DMX input to 3 isolated DMX outputs. 100% electrical isolation between all in/outputs. Frame rate of each port can be adapted from 10ms to 40ms to increase compatibility while connecting "slow" DMX-devices to "fast" DMX-controllers. RDM compatible. Two 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports (Neutrik RJ45 Ethercon connectors).  
      Day £15
      Weekend £30
Quantity in hire stock 2   Week £45
      Month £171
Zero 88 Alpha Pack 2 3Ch Dimmer  
The Alphapack 2 is a 3 channel fully portable dimmer unit. Which can be stand mounted. The unit has 3 faders for local control, or can be controlled remotely by analogue or DMX (5 Pin).  
      Day £6
      Weekend £12
Quantity in hire stock 4   Week £18
      Month £68
Zero88 ID 1216 12Ch Dimmer  
The ID1216 has 12 ciruits rated at 16A per channel. Control is via DMX and input power is by 32A 3 phase CeeNorm plug.  
      Day £24
      Weekend £48
Quantity in hire stock 2   Week £72
      Month £273
Martin 6Ch Switch Pack  
This DMX-controlled switching device (3 pin) allows you to turn on and off up to six 350 watt devices. Allowing you to control non-intelligent lights or other fixtures such as fans, hazers and disco lights. Supply is by 16A CeeForm plug.  
      Day £6
      Weekend £12
Quantity in hire stock 8   Week £18
      Month £68
Jester 24 channel memory console  
The Jester offers direct control of up to 48 channels of DMX either using submasters or a traditional theatre playback stack. 12 auxiliary buttons are provided which can be used to trigger DMX devices such as scrollers, smoke machines or strobes. A monitor port is standard on the Jester. Channel, cuestack and submaster data can all be viewed using the monitor. An onboard LCD screen also provides the user with all information needed to operate the console allowing it to be used without a monitor. A USB port allows users to back-up shows that have been recorded on the Jester. The Jester has three modes, allowing it to operate as simple two scene preset desk through to a fully functional memory console. In playback mode the user has full access to all the channels on the console. This allows live changes to be made to specials instantly. Chases can be recorded into the memory stack or directly into submasters. The Jester provides users with a powerful set of programming and playback tools in an easy to use and economical lighting console.  
      Day £30
      Weekend £60
Quantity in hire stock 2   Week £90
      Month £324
Fat Frog 24/48 channel & moving light memory console  
The Fat Frog control desk builds upon the foundations of the Sirius and XL families using the latest technologies to bring new and improved features. The FatFrog can control up to 48 generic channels, which may be manually or automatically patched to any of the 512 DMX channels, there is also capability for control of up to 12 intelligent fixtures. The desk is fitted with a floppy drive for loading and saving show data, a remote ?Go? port and an output for a monitor. Memories can be recorded as scenes or chases, each having its own fade times and modifiers. Memories may be played back with the crossfade master and the ?Go? button for sequential, pre-programmed shows. Extra flexibility is afforded through the 240 submasters allowing for the creation of lighting effects for the more spontaneous shows. The movement effects engine allows for simple and rapid programming of commonly used effects, whilst the inbuilt fixture library enables simple selection and manipulation of the moving lights. The unique ?F.R.O.G.? (fixture random output generator) function can instantly generate unique lighting effects. These may be outputted automatically or stepped through, with desired looks being recorded as required.  
      Day £60
      Weekend £120
Quantity in hire stock 2   Week £180
      Month £648
Avolites Pearl 2010  
The Pearl 2010 combines compact dimensions with plenty of power, offering full moving light control for up to 240 intelligent fixtures. As with all Avolites consoles, the Pearl is designed for quick and easy programming and playback. The patching of moving lights and colour changers is also as simple as patching a dimmer. Preset Focus Palettes provide fast building blocks for functions such as pan, tilt, colour, gobo, etc. All memories and chases built from preset focuses are automatically updated once the preset focus is edited. Preset Focuses allow you to create and save your own custom palette of colours. Channels can be allocated as HTP or LTP for control of dimmers, colour changers or multi-channel fixtures, all of which can be patched with one button press. The Pearl 2004 retains the intuitive and familiar feel of the "roller", use of high quality Faders, Schadow switches and legendary reliability of Avolites consoles. Coupled with the award winning Graphics Tablet allows the user optimum speed and creativity.  
      Day £120
      Weekend £240
Quantity in hire stock 1   Week £360
      Month £1368
Zero88 Beta Pack 2 6Ch Dimmer  
The Betapack 2 range of analogue and digitally controlled dimmer packs offer one of the most versatile solutions to dimming operated by 0 - -10v, 0 - +10v or DMX control. Manufactured to the highest professional standards, this comprehensive 6 x 10 Amp pack includes 2 X 15A sockets per channel.  
      Day £12
      Weekend £24
Quantity in hire stock 6   Week £36
      Month £136
Zero88 Beta Pack 2 24Ch Rack Dimmer  
4 Betapack 2 Dimmers connected to a single 63a three phase plug for easy power connection and internally wired for DMX control. Output is via 2 mirrored socapex sockets per 6 channels.  
      Day £52
      Weekend £104
Quantity in hire stock 1   Week £156
      Month £592
Avolites 72Ch FD Dimmer Rack  
Avolites FD Series dimming systems are multi-channel units rated at 10A per channel. The systems include a rugged shake-proof hot-patch facility, wired in either series or parallel, and a built in USITT DMX 512 receiver. An auxiliary mains distribution unit, fitted with 400A three phase power lock connectors. Outputs are by socapex socket.  
      Day £160
      Weekend £320
Quantity in hire stock 1   Week £480
      Month £1824
Multiform Multiphase 425  
Designed especially for live use eg. cabaret, this four channel powered controller's facilities are optimised for stage lighting. Presets and flash keys are provided for each channel plus an overall master dimmer and black-out switch. The autofade control allows a timed fade up or down, with durations up to 30 seconds. Effects which include sound to light, crossfade and all flash are controlled by a separate master. A remote input socket is provided at the rear allowing control from a footswitch or another control unit.  
      Day £12
      Weekend £24
Quantity in hire stock 2   Week £36
      Month £136
Showtec Chase Light/Multiphase 412 Disco Sequencer  
16 preprogrammed programs with 4 Channels of control. The showtec unit has an internal microphone, and the multiphase has a jack for connection of any levels audio signal. Outputs are by 7 pin bulgin P552 socket and/or IEC.  
      Day £8
      Weekend £16
Quantity in hire stock 1   Week £24
      Month £91
Zero88 48Ch Demux  
The Demux 48 is designed to convert USITT DMX 512 into analogue control. The outputs from the Demux unit can be +5, +10 or +15 volts and, with the addition of a negative output kit, can simultaneously provide a negative voltage output.  
      Day £10
      Weekend £20
Quantity in hire stock 1   Week £30
      Month £114
MA onPC command wing  
The MA onPC command wing is a highly flexible and powerful grandMA2 control system. In combination with the grandMA2 onPC software, the MA onPC command wing is a portable 2,048 parameter control solution. It offers two built-in DMX ports as well as the possibilty to send two additional DMX universes via Ethernet protocols with grandMA2 onPC. The command wing requires either our touch screen laptop system or our more powerful computer system with UPS for larger shows requiring more power.  
      Day £85
      Weekend £170
Quantity in hire stock 1   Week £255
      Month £1000
MA onPC command wing Laptop  
Installed and configured for MA onPC. The laptop has touch screen for compact control.  
      Day £50
      Weekend £100
Quantity in hire stock 1   Week £150
      Month £600
MA onPC command wing Computer  
Installed and configured for MA onPC. The computer is racked and comes with UPS. This system is suitable for more critical larger shows.  
      Day £80
      Weekend £160
Quantity in hire stock 1   Week £240
      Month £900
MA onPC fader wing  
With the MA onPC fader wing, MA Lighting meets the requests for a mobile control solution that supplies real faders and executors in connection with the grandMA2 onPC software. Furthermore the MA onPC fader wing offers 2,048 parameters in conjunction with the grandMA2 onPC software that can be sent via its four built-in DMX-ports as well as via Ethernet protocols.  
      Day £60
      Weekend £120
Quantity in hire stock 1   Week £180
      Month £700