Great rates on consumables
We have an excellent range of lamps, gel, gaffa tape, lx tape, batteries & plugs in stock at great prices.
Hire Stock Update
We have recently updated all hire equipment on the website with all the new stuff in stock.

Web Design

Your website is an easily accessible window into your organisation or products. We can provide a functional design layout to ensure your end-user to access this information with ease.

We can provide solutions for e-commerce & portfolios for any product or service. Our basic layouts use CSS which allows site wide changes to be executed by us quickly and effectively upon your request. We can also design websites based in flash for truly interactive web experience.

As with all our design work we are careful not to loose sight of what we are communicating and are carefull to ensure that any interactivity added does in fact add rather than detract from the over all experience of your site visitors.

We can design content managed sites that allow you to keep your site up to date without needing our support for day to day information changes. These systems allow you to keep your customers informed and costs down.

We can design systems based on XML or SQL depending on the complexity of your project. When using SQL we can also build a front end system to run through Microsoft Access.

One of the most important things when building a web site is search engine optimisation. We construct web sites in a way that ensures compatibility and can help you keep your site as close to the top of search results as possible.