Great rates on consumables
We have an excellent range of lamps, gel, gaffa tape, lx tape, batteries & plugs in stock at great prices.
Hire Stock Update
We have recently updated all hire equipment on the website with all the new stuff in stock.

Media Duplication

We offer production from small to large scale for Audio & Data CD, Audio Casset Tape & Video & Data DVD.

We offer printing in single colour to on disc 600dpi ribbon printing for CD & DVD.

We offer excellent duplication rates for production runs of any size. For runs up to a 1000 units we produce in-house to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum. For larger runs we have a large manufacturing partner for production from glass masters.

We can also design and print any inlays or booklets to go with your media. We have a large selection of packaging including sleves, jewel case, trays, clam shells, dvd cases, and multi-disc cases all available in many different colours.

We ensure careful quality control and include verfiication testing to ensure as far as possible that no errors are present on digital media.