Great rates on consumables
We have an excellent range of lamps, gel, gaffa tape, lx tape, batteries & plugs in stock at great prices.
Hire Stock Update
We have recently updated all hire equipment on the website with all the new stuff in stock.

Audio Equipment

A range of professional speakers with stunning audio performance. All U2M speakers are maintained to the highest standard to retain their "as new" look, especially important in AV and presentation situations. D&B speaker systems for concert audio touring. A range of world class foldback speaker systems to compliment FOH systems for touring. Passive Speakers for AV presentations, pro-audio playback and live music reproduction.  
A range of professional amplifiers for any production or event. All U2M amplifiers are full flight cased ready to go on the truck. D&B D12 and P1200A for exclusive use with D&B speakers. QSC PLX Amplifiers for critical world class concert touring and live sound. DAP Palladium Amplifiers for budget events, excellent performance and not short on power.  
Microphones & DIs  
Our most popular rider friendly microphones that cover 95% of gigs. If you don't see what you need please don't hesitate to call or email us. Dynamic mics are robust units that require no batteries or other power source. They are generally used for loud rock-'n'-roll instrument and vocal applications. Good feed-back rejection. Condenser mics have a much higher degree of finesse & accuracy but require phantom power. Drum mics are specifically designed for miking drum kits however can also be used for other bass heavy instruments where high sound pressure levels need to be tolerated. Instrument mics are specially adapted mics designed to unobtrusively provide audio clarity whilst remaining discrete.  
Radio Microphones  
We have a range of radio microphone systems to suit all budgets. The trantec S4.5 and S3500 systems are ideal for schools or other budget users. For pro users we have either the e300 systems for pro audio or the 2000 systems for concert audio, high end theatre and broadcast. We can make upto 8 systems available through our UK wide shared frequency licence (some restrictions on location, please contact the hire desk for more info). Users requiring more than 12 (or 9 if you are using IEM systems) systems will need to obtain a site licence we can arrange this for you if you are unfamiliar.  
Mixing Consoles  
We have a good selection of Soundcraft analogue mixers and Yamaha digital consoles. Smaller analogue desk for applications that don't need to be over complicated but still need proffesional audio quality. Compact digital desks for control of your mix and recall in a small footprint. Concert grade digital desks with digital multicores for front of house, monitors or broadcast mixing for large events.  
When it is vital that things work at line check having decent relaible cable is essential. 95% of our cables are made in house and we use the same stock on our events.  
FX & Production Racks  
Although now some-what out dated after the advent of digital desks we still have outboard available should it be required.  
Playback & Recording  
When you press play you want playback and when you press record you want a record of your event. Our hire stock is quality Tascam, Denon & Marantz equipment for the best reliability.  
Keeping in touch is important at any event. When you give a cue you want to know it will be heard. Industry proven Metro audio talkback systems and Motorolla portable radios keep you in control.