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Moving Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked at events, but lighting is what sets the atmosphere of your event and can greatly enhance your show or conference. A great deal of creativity is required to create a good looking show, our engineers can provide you with a visualisation of our design so you can see your show lighting before your event.

We use a selection of Martin, Thomas Pixel Line, Highend Systems & Cirro Lite inteligent lighting systems controlled by Zero88 & Avolites control systems.

We plot all our moving light using position pallets, this means that the programming can be used in many venues by simply re-setting the pallet positions. We can also time code a lighting shows to a click track for use with musical theatre or band performances.

For conferences we can design lighting washes for impact including custom gobos to display your corporate logo or breakups to add an interesting backdrop to your set.

What does it cost?

There are many different options to be considered so please contact us to discuss the exact details of your event. It is best if you can have the following information available when contacting us:

  • Venue address
  • Venue access info, ie; it is upstairs, or parking restrictions apply
  • Venue capacity
  • The size of your stage
  • Whether you need your show time coded
  • The number of basic stage splits you require (upstage & downstage or upstage L, R, C & downstage L, R, C etc.)
  • The number of specials required
  • Colours
  • Gobos
  • Custom Gobos
  • And any other information that you feel we may need to be aware of